NIST Risk Assessment, Vulnerability Testing, and Gap Analysis

AWA helps your organization protect federal information with a full range of NIST security services.

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NIST Risk Assessment, Vulnerability Testing, and Gap Analysis

The National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST), a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce, supports all sizes of information and technology properties. The NIST framework guides federal agencies in safeguarding federal information and sensitive data that is processed, stored and used outside of its primary federal government location and on non-federal information systems.

AWA’s Security Services for NIST Compliance

Our experienced security auditors provide a full range of services to help agencies achieve NIST compliance. We also assist organizations in maintaining compliance for the duration of their contracting engagement with a federal body.

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NIST Risk Assessment

With our full suite of NIST risk assessment services, AWA identifies the threats that the federal agency’s information security program faces, assesses the compliance of security controls with NIST regulations, and designs corrective action plans to close vulnerability gaps.

NIST Vulnerability Testing

NIST cybersecurity assessments deliver full evaluations and formal descriptions of the vulnerabilities in an information system. To that end, NIST vulnerability testing helps ensure compliance and provide clear documentation of required security controls.

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NIST System Security Plan (SSP)

As part of NIST SP 800-53 and other federal frameworks, organizations and agencies are required to create a System Security Plan (SSP) that describes their system, network, and infrastructure, along with the security controls that are in place.

AWA can help author your SSP and ensure your NIST documentation is comprehensive, accurate, and complete.

NIST Gap Analysis

In preparation for a NIST audit, a comprehensive gap analysis aids agencies in spotting areas of non-compliance. AWA also develops targeted NIST remediation advisory reports and remediation plans.

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FAQs about NIST Assessment Services

What is a NIST risk assessment? 

A NIST risk assessment serves to help firms identify pertinent threats. It takes into account both internal and external vulnerabilities. It also enables the firm to evaluate the possibility of an incident occurring and the potential effects a cyberattack could have on its business activities. 

How is a NIST assessment report helpful? 

Following a NIST risk assessment, a detailed report specifies threats that exist, identifies their sources, and outlines the potential damages if vulnerabilities are breached. The assessment report helps the organization understand the adverse effects of potential attacks on all parties involved and the level of risk of each type of incident. In the long-run, NIST risk assessments are used to monitor the identified risk factors and spot newly developing threats. 

What is NIST gap analysis? 

In general, cybersecurity gap analyses enable organizations to address areas of weakness within their network and system security controls to ensure that they are effective. A gap analysis, as it relates to NIST, compares an organization’s controls and compliance efforts to the standards outlined in the risk-based security framework by the National Institute of Standards and Technology to find points in need of improvement. 

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